5 romantic things to capture in a photo when you come to Paris

I live for a few years now in Paris and I can say that this city is fascinating. It is developing very fast, but the people are the same: very kind and very polite. I love meeting new people and exploring the city. I love taking my photo camera with me and searching for new  beautiful places where I can create a great memory.
It is true that I work a lot and I don’t have very much free time to go and visit all the places in Paris, but I saw some interesting and gorgeous places that are worth to visit if you come to Paris with your wife, girlfriend, family or friends.

Ciprian Lupan Paris photographer
When you come to Paris, you need a long holiday because you don’t have time to see all the important symbols of the city during a few days. You need to taste every moment spent in Paris and enjoy every new thing that you can do during those days. You also need to find the perfect Paris photographer for hire that can also be your guide, especially if you are coming with your family, or with the one who is about to become your wife. You can benefit then of the best holiday in Paris and you can have a Paris proposal photographer or family photographer and a guide for exploring the city too.

And now let me tell you the most romantic things to do if you are visiting Paris:
1. First, you have to make a Paris photo session near the Eiffel Tower, and then kiss underneath the Tower. It is a romantic thing that you have never done before, if it is the first time when you are coming to Paris.

2. Take a night cruise on the Seine River. It is said that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It is a must to visit the city at sunset and after that, because you can see then the obscure lights that create that mysterious place from fairy tales.

3. Visit the Louvre Museum, one of the most beautiful and fascinating museums in the world. You don’t have to miss the view of the museum from the outside. Many photographers choose to have proposal photo sessions here, because of the beauty of the landscape, and I sure love the architecture and the shape of the Louvre Museum.

Ciprian Lupan professional Paris photographer
4. Visit the Hill of Montmartre and enjoy the view of the city from there. It is a gorgeous one. I love going there every time I can and take some photos. It relaxes me, and you have to know that every week there are many ongoing events. As a Paris photographer, this inspires me and makes me think at new ways to approach the future photo sessions in Paris.

5. Visit Pont des Arts with your lover, write your name on a padlock and attach it there and then throw away the key. This is definitely a thing that symbolizes eternal love between you and your partner and must be captured in a photo taken by a professional photographer.

A few time ago I chose to go to Paris and develop myself as a professional photographer because of all opportunities that this marvelous city offers, because all the beautiful places where I could go and have photo sessions, because all the activities that I could do during the time and I love being a Paris photographer.
If you are curious and you want to find out more, you can just email me for a professional photo session, or if you want a Paris wedding photographer I am waiting that you contact me and find out more about my work.