A day as a Family Photographer in Paris

They say PARIS is always a good idea! But being a photographer in Paris is a much better experience!

 Almost every photography project of mine starts with a warm and nice story: being in Paris, practicing different photography styles, I had the chance to work with this beautiful French family: Mathilde, Alexis and Timothé. Mathilde is both a friend and a photographer, and a very skilled one, so my plan was to have the best family photo shooting!

Family photography is, in my opinion, a special photo shooting: first of all, you have to become a friend of the little ones. Nevertheless, you have the parents your allies.”


This experience, which completes my Paris Photographer portfolio, was unique: we decided to divide the photo shooting into two main locations for taking pictures: Trocadéro and Bir-Hakeim Bridge. Firstly, we reached for Trocadero, a real wonderful spot in Paris. In the beginning, the little one was not so delighted with the idea of being photographed, but soon after this, he became a very cooperative fashion model!

Both my camera and me enjoyed his truly natural mimics, his sweet smile and big blue eyes!

Moreover, once again, I realized that a child and his parents are the best possible team ever: their love, their emotions, their non-verbal communication is exactly what I need for my shootings; the result is always the best result!

Right here, at Trocadéro Gardens, it is possible to have created the best photo family, this three amazing natural persons and the Eiffel Tower in the background.


“Once I started my “journey” as a Paris photographer, I created a list with my favorite places in Paris. Bir-Hakeim was the top list in my chosen places.”


Beside my big wish that came true by establishing this family photo session, the light and the weather aligning on this beautiful trio created one of my best albums related to my Paris photographer activity.


The photo shooting took place in one winter afternoon, and we spent really good moments together.

We enjoyed the cool air, the great light, and we forget about the rain that almost made us believe we won’t create this marvelous family story!