Choose the perfect wedding location in Paris

The wedding event, and the proposal moment are a once-in-life event, and you think a lot at them and invest a lot of time for preparing it. You want everything to be perfect, and this brings a lot of stress for you.  You have to look a lot for the perfect place for you and you guests.

Paris, the city of love and romance, the city of lights and elegance has plenty of places to suit all types of requirements. The most luxurious places and restaurants are waiting for you with various types of food, and you know that French cuisine is of the most refined in the world. If you also choose the perfect Paris photographer for your wedding, he will know for sure how to surprise the best moments in a photo.

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But if you don’t want to be so conservative you should know that many couples choose to have their wedding party in nature: in parks or gardens, or old castles that bring history in present days.

I will describe below some of the most beautiful locations for your wedding in Paris.

Rodin Museum and Gardens: As a professional photographer I am telling you, that if you love art and history, this will be the first place to choose for your wedding. Located in the center of Paris, this museum has an extensive history and receives at least 700,000 visitors each year. The rose gardens that surround it, the gorgeous fountain in the middle of the garden and luxury and refinement that the museum imposes make it the perfect location for couples with personality.  The wedding album will be for sure a piece of art for you as a perfect couple.

It is obviously, that you and your partner love each other very much, the photos will be marvelous, because love is seen in all little sparkles of the eyes.

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If you want to have the best view of Paris, if you want to make honest promises to your life companion in a special place, then you should choose The Shangri La Hotel. The cuisine so tasty, the excellent customer service, will make any couple to wish to have their wedding in this special place.  The amazing view to the Eiffel Tower makes the location any photographer’s dream to have a photo session. I recommend this hotel for every couple that wants something unique for the wedding party.  You will have some photos that you can be proud of.

Paris is a stunning city with amazing spots around every corner. You have a lot of possibilities for organizing your wedding in Paris, even if want a small wedding party or a big wedding party. The perfect location for you is the place where you feel perfect.

Choose then to have the perfect wedding photographer, who can surprise the real feelings between you and the person you are going to share your life with.  You will be satisfied and you will be grateful when you look over the wedding album after some time.

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