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Engagement_29Paris, the City of Lights, offers you plenty of reasons why you should come to have an engagement photo session and have beautiful, cherish memories for a whole life.

This is the reason why, when choosing a photographer for a photo session in Paris, your choice must not be made only on viewing some photo galleries. See the personality of the photographer in each photo that you see, see a story behind and receive a message from each landscape surprised by professional people that can create art from simple things printed on paper.

Take care of details, once more the best advice is to choose the best photographer, the one who fits with your desires, and invest some time when preparing the photo session, because the more time and soul you invest, the most beautiful will be the moment. You may want to enjoy those moments at maximum and be always inspired , but you will not have always the mood, so a little help is always welcome.

Some tips on how to choose the perfect environment for your Paris engagement session:

1. Choose the perfect location
When you think about Paris, first, you think about the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tour, but you see, there are many other locations where you can have your engagement photo session, private, isolated places that can offer you comfort. About 80% of the photo sessions start at the Eiffel Tour, so it is a common place, but an experienced photographer will take you to new place, where you wouldn’t think that a photo session can take place, like the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Lover`s Bridge, Seine River.

2. Make sure to be comfortable
You don`t know for sure for how many hours will take your photo session, because you don`t know how many locations you want to cover. If you want, for example only a location, The Eiffel Tour, it will take an hour, more or less for the photo session, depending of the time of the day you want the photos to be made.
An experienced photographer will realize the photo session in one hour per location. If you want more locations, then you should make a map so you can short the time of transit between locations.

3. Logistic is everything
If you choose to have more locations, make sure to have everything you need with you, make sure to be informed about the ways of transportation between locations and which are the fastest one, and make sure not to spend very much time in locations between locations.
Make sure not to have useless things with you when preparing for the photo session; make sure that your lady will have all she needs for her desires and do not forget a pair of comfortable shoes when traveling between locations.
Have a good rest in the night before the photo shooting because you need to be rest and have good ideas for the photos.

4. Clothes can tell a story
Whether you choose to dress elegant or formal, you must know that style is everything and I guess that you want to have unique photos for you and your soulmate. Pick special clothes that can make you feel wonderful and out of common.

5. The Art of Kissing
Hmm..kiss is tremendous fun.. and delicious, you know that, but it is also a gesture of elegance and refinement(when kissing a lady`s hand), and represents the union between two people. Use it when really feeling to do that, because the passion can be seen then in the photo. Whether you kiss your woman on the neck, or on the lips, or when kissing her arm, the sensuality of the kissing can`t be compared with any other gesture in the world.

Save your MOMENTS in Paris.

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