How is the idea of an English speaking photographer in Paris?

French language is very poetic and very musical, but at the same time French grammar and vocabulary are hard enough and not all people dare to learn them.
In contrast, English is easier to learn and each of us knows at least a few expressions just enough to be able to communicate in a foreign country.

Ciprian Lupan English Speaking Photographer

As a professional photographer in Paris, I speak fluent French because many couples I worked with are from France. People who I get in contact with are very happy when I express in my opinions using their dialect.

But there are couples who come from outside France for photo shootings, for family photo albums, for engagement photo sessions, or even for wedding events. Quite a few of them well know French, so they prefer to communicate with me in English.
I am also an English speaking photographer in Paris and I managed each time to understand the desires of people who I worked for.

When couples or families are coming to Paris for a photo shooting and get in touch with a professional photographer in Paris, during the photo session they want to be the center of the Universe and they tell me this. It is easy for me to understand perfectly what couples want to express, even if they do not speak English very well.

In addition, in periods of transit between one location and another during the photo session, each person sees buildings or museums which they may not have very much knowledge about and I think I have to be an informed photographer that speaks English well that can respond to every question, even being evasive a little if I don’t know the answers.

There are also funny moments where couples ask me to help them make declarations of love in French when during the proposal moment.
It is an advantage for me that I am an English speaking photographer in Paris and that helps me to relate well with people collaborating with and helping me to make a lot of friends.

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