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Whether you are planning to come to Paris with your family or friends, you always want to come home with great memories and share your beautiful experience with the loved ones.

If you had your wedding party in Paris, there is always a good time for creating amazing memories after a while from this once in a life time event.  That is a reason for you to come again to visit Paris with your family or friends, why not?

If you want just to relax having close the dearest people in your life, I highly recommend you to visit Paris. So many places to see, so many activities to do, so much history to “taste”, there are a lot of reasons why you should come to Paris.

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But this page is not about visiting Paris, this page is about choosing a family photo session photographer if you are coming to visit Paris. You will find here all the information you need, and some of the photo sessions in Paris with beautiful families and their children.  Our purpose is to make your journey in Paris perfect and to enjoy the City of Lights in all it’s splendor and discover it’s amazing secrets.

If you want to return home with some precious moments spent with your family in Paris, then you have to make some important decisions just before arriving in Paris. If you are coming with your little babies the things are even harder for you and your partner.

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You should know very well that children are very agitated all the time and you have to be very carefully at them all the time. So it is very likely you could not make those perfect pictures that you desire. So the best thing to do is to hire a family photographer in Paris.  You also have to be very carefully when you are doing this and to hire an experienced photographer that can also pay attention to all the important moments spent between you and your children or why not, with your brothers, if you that one coming to Paris with your parents.

Here is not about the biggest day of your life, but you still want everything to be perfect. There are a lot of details that you still have to take care of. For this reason, our advice is to choose a professional Paris family photographer. After that, you should relax and the only thing you should take care of is you and your family, because, that is right, you spend a lot of energy with your little guys.

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  1. Choose the perfect photographer for you and your family. This is a very hard task, because not all the photographers fit with your desires and can understand what you are asking. I collaborated very well with the families that I was photographer for, and that is why the results are amazing.
  2. Book a photo session for you and your family: once you have chosen your photographer, all you have to do is to send an email and book a photo session. You will receive a confirmation email, and then we will stay in touch until you receive all the details you need. At the end you will receive an email with full details as a summary of all the discussions.
  3. Prepare the logistics you think you will need during the photo session. If you think to approach a topic, just specify and I will prepare all the things needed.  You also have to be prepared with certain things that your kids will need. Plus, Paris has a very good transportation infrastructure, and it is very easy for you to travel from a place to another in a short time, and this could also help you if you are carrying things for your children or outfit changes for you and for them. If not, you have to know that Paris is pedestrian friendly and you can do some visits during your Paris family photo session. If not, you can easily take a taxi from a location to other, because the prices are not very high.

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A family photo session is art: the art of connecting parents with children in front of the camera. A perfect shoot captures the true feelings of love between parents and their children. Pure and perfect love of that wonderful little beings that show happiness in every smile, makes the difference between one ordinary and one amazing photo.

Children are not like other people. They have an overflowing energy and are very funny, and the photo shoots with families are never the same.  Each session is different, especially those involving small children who still discover the environment around them. Unlike the adults with whom you can share ideas, children can make the opposite of what you ask.

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As professional Paris photographers , we have seen a lot of different couples, different characters and we shared many ideas. Many couples were glad that they collaborated with us, and we received a lot of offers for future collaborations.  We are happy about this because we want that every customer to be pleased about our services.

But, photographing kids is different and special. The family photo session in Paris never goes the way you expect.

It is likely that parents tell you that they have the most obedient children, and during the photo session they can be bustling and it can be a little difficult for you as a photographer, or they can be just the opposite, and then you can have a lot of imagination and make them play with their parents.

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It is good for a photo sessions involving families with children to choose games that can make the children make feel natural. But there is a problem: you will not know whether or not you have chosen the right decision, because children may not love the game you have chosen for them. So you have to be flexible and to improvise during the photo session.

It is said that children love to take pictures, but it is not always right. Some of them maybe hate to take photos, so you have to make them to love you, even though they don’t know you. You have to make them feel you like their friend.

Another idea that we had learned is that, for a photo to be perfect, not everyone has to be looking at the camera and be smiling at the same time. Everything must be natural, and me, as a professional photographer must create the scene of a beautiful loving family.

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When I am making a photo is not about making the children smiling, it is about making them feeling happy, because then the photo album will be really amazing.  You have to make them play with the camera and get the most beautiful family portraits, because that makes the difference between a professional Paris photographer and a usual one.

I hope you just made your decision if you arrived at the end of this article, and you have chosen the best photographer for you and your family that fits with your requirements.

Save your MOMENTS in Paris.

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