Florence and Benjamin

A cloudy day in Paris can be very nice if you do something brighter then the sky! We all know that our feelings can be influenced also by the weather.

So .. if the weather doesn’t give you reasons to smile..why don’t you choose to let your love one make you smile, and more then that ! to be photographed by us! Shooting in a cloudy/foggy day was pretty nice, actually our couple had a beautiful mood and the love spoke every second of the photo session, with feelings, emotions, things that we love to capture. Florence and Benjamin choose a creative and italian style outfit, they also live in italy so that fits them perfectly.

Being a photographer in Paris it/s a blessing, you can choose from a lot of beautiful locations, be creative with that impressive vibe and enjoying capturing those places for the people who share love to each other. Louvre palace was the most important choice, we walked and we did a lot of interesting shots with that beautiful couple. Also they choosed to visit Louvre for the beautiful art that’s hiding inside, a cultural and artistic sign of our era. Emotion is essential to our projects, we chose to keep it in photographs and it will take more value for our clients in time.

We encourage our clients to get lost in Paris, to see the beauties beneeth the tourist atraction, to see the mood and the life of parisians, If you are a couple and you are in Paris, make something to lose your map..it will help you a lot!


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