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101Whether you go in Paris only as a tourist to see the Eiffel Tour or the Louvre Museum, or you decide that you want to have your wedding in a special place with special lights, you need to book a photo session for you and your partner. For this reason, you found the perfect place to searche for all this information.
You can find here a complete guide of how you can book a photo session in Paris with all the details included, a session where you will have a lot of fun and where you will have gorgeous memories for all your life.

For saving precious time, you can filter the information that you get from here, even before you arrive to Paris, and then you can enjoy the time spent in this beautiful French city at maximum.
We are offering you some steps that help you to make the perfect choice to make the booking for the Paris photo session:

STEP 1: make researches and select the perfect photographer for you, the one who fits perfect with your personalities and your desires, then make a brain storming with your friends and decide on “must-have” photo ideas. Choose a date and see if the photographer is available on that date, and at the same time summarize other important details together like a meeting point and hour, contact information, a theme for your photo session(optional) and other info that is essential for you like contact information and price.
Some questions that you could ask:
A.Are you available for “X” date?
B.How high are your rates?

STEP2: Make a schedule for your photo session
First, consider what is the best moment of the day for your photo session. Whether you like the sunrise or midnight, Paris is always a city that offers you many beautiful and mysterious places that could satisfy anyone`s desires. Then choose the main attractions you want to visit or you have in mind for your photos, if you are planning your wedding. The large variety of locations will determine your fun-factor and the great diversity for your photo galleries.
Think what kind of photo session you want to have and then think what you want to wear on the day of the photo session. You should wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good and beautiful.

STEP3: The BIG day
You have done your homework, and have an idea of how your photo session is going to look like, but there are still some things that must be checked before the big moment will come. Check the weather forecast on that day and before leaving the hotel room make sure to leave heavy things at the hotel room. Do not forget to take care of your lady, and make sure that she brings with her a pair of comfortable shoes.
Do whatever makes you feel good, be friend with the camera, apply your best ideas and you will have then magic moments and you will spend then a unique with your partner.

Make a story
Decide to have the best photos and make from them the story of your life. Don`t let them to be common, just some photos, give them life and have a contribution when the photographer makes your photo album.

Save your MOMENTS in Paris.

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