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CLP_6456Planning a memorable Paris Proposal for the one you love and she will never forget in her life. A proposal is not a thing that you want to do more times in your life. That day is unique and planned in detail and you want to be perfect. It is a huge decision made for an entire time spent together with the perfect woman for you.

All the preparations that you have to make, can make you be confused and panicked, because you maybe didn’t experienced this thing before, but Paris is a gorgeous city for making a proposal, and if you find the perfect photographer for you, then half of your problems are solved.

You found the right place for this, because the team of photographers is there for any question that you have from the beginning of the collaboration up to the end, in organizing a unique, special moment for the couple, in little details, for a natural, authentic, stress-free moment. The team will always help you with any advice you need, so you don`t have to worry that it will not be perfect, just imagine your future together.

The more simple the moment is, the more appreciated will be by your lady because women still didn’t forget to appreciate little things that make them feel happy and loved…

TIPS and ADVICES that you can consider when making a proposal
Going with the one you love to Paris in order to propose her is already a big thing and a proof of love and care for her. Moreover, choosing to have a photo session with a Paris photographer proves how much this life event means for you, and that you want to have great, perfect memories for the future.

Here are some TIPS to make your woman to feel like a princess and offer her unforgettable moments:
1. don`t forget to bring the ring with you; make sure to be the perfect one for her tastes and size
2. It is a wonderful thing to get down in one knee when you want to propose her; make the moment a fairytale
3. Before you get there, make sure that this is the final decision and that she is the perfect woman for you
4. Make sure that it will be a total surprise for her and imagine her reaction when she will see the ring
5. Get her parents bless!!! It is very important
6. Practice on how the proposal will be and make a scenario on this story, including the moment after she will say “YES”: who will you contact first to announce the news, establish a place where you will take her to dinner.
7. Take fully care of the ring: don`t lose it or forget it before you arrive to Paris, because all your plans will be ruined then, and you don`t want that.
8. In that special moment, look her straight in her eyes, and make her feel the most wonderful woman in the world, the only one for you.

ADVICES to keep in mind before you arrive to Paris
1. Choose the perfect photographer for you and your partner, check his availability and choose a day for a photo session. See if the photographer is available on that day and establish some details together: how high his rates are, some contact details and other things that can be essential for your collaboration.
2. Prepare the Proposal in Paris
Establish a location with the photographer that inspires your story of love, choose the right moment of the day to have the meeting for a photo or a video session, and then choose the perfect moment for asking the question. Make sure that the photos will surprise the best the moment of the proposal and the emotions felt by each other.
3. The moments after the answer

Congratulations for the new engaged couple. You can then have a romantic dinner to the Eiffel Tour and feel released and without any emotion because the things went perfect.

Save your MOMENTS in Paris.

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