Sarah and DavidBalloon lovers

Living in Paris is special, everyday you have the oportunity to see different situations but, most importantly you have the oportunity to see other people, and, if you are us:D you have the oportunity to photograph different people, couples in love who are so beautiful, and we are so happy and grateful to do this.
Being a photographer in Paris is fun, and full of energy, you can see it in this photo session with Sara and David, a lovely couple spending a few days in Paris, relaxing and enjoying this amazing city.
We get together in the most important sights of Paris, we choose to capture together; joy, love, emotions and fun everywhere ..and of course the Eiffel Tower!
The Ballons were Saras ideea, funny and looked very good in their photo session, but the most beutiful thing is the way they look at each other,the way they smile, already married but in love like in the first day!
I’m happy that i succeeded to capture those emotions, those feelings, that will be very important for them in time, their memories from Paris, and hope to see them soon.

“Gorgeous place to kiss, Louvre mouseum.”


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