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Being a photographer in Paris is not a job for me, it is something that I really love doing and it is a very big pleasure every time I meet new people, different personalities and characters and every session is a challenge for me.
Every photo session that I am making is special, every couple is different and brings me freshness, and that pleases me every time, makes me be better and better.
If you are planning to have a trip in France and especially in Paris, I am sure that you want to have a lot of beautiful memories, you want to spend the most beautiful time with your close friends, or with your loved person. You want then to have beautiful pictures that will remind you how amazing your time spent in Paris was. If you want everything to be perfect, then you have to hire a pro that will take care of your photos.

You know that photography is an art, and not everyone can do it in the best way. Photography is creating a fairy tale space by placing some people at the right time in the right place. And for making a photo session by yourself, there is a lot of stress. So the best thing to do is to find the best photographer that fits with your requirements. That is not easy, because every photographer is different and not all of the photographers fit with anyone’s personality.
The worst thing you can do is to find a photographer that doesn’t understand what you are asking, and then all the photo session can be a disaster. So you have to be careful and study more styles of photography until you find the best photographer for you.

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This is not hard. You will surely realize when you find the perfect photographer for your photo session that will create precious memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
It will be nice, pleasant, will make you laugh, and can make you express sincere feelings in front of the camera. He will empathize with you as a couple in every step you will make during your photo session in Paris.
A photographer is always happy when he is praised. This gives him strength to go on. Here are now some opinions from the couples I have worked with, that really matter for me:

Ciprian is great to work with – we had a very enjoyable and comfortable photo session during and after my surprise proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower. He was casual yet professional, and ended up creating amazing shots of memories that we will forever treasure.[…] I heartily recommend him as your photographer, and would readily work with him again should the situation arise. Thanks Ciprian!

They definitely chose the right photographer, after these words of praise that I have received.


Of course, everyone expects perfection and professionalism from a photographer in Paris. And so it has to be a photographer. Obviously he does not need to have lack of inspiration and must have creativity to make unique stories of each photo session.
Communication every time when I was collaborating with couples is very important and therefore knowledge of English for a fluent conversation is very important. Every part can express then certain desires and words can express more that facial expressions.I am an English speaking photographer in Paris and I also speak fluent French, which is an advantage especially for French-speaking couples whom I work with.
I consider myself a complete photographer. Each landscape inspires me, each photo session is different and I manage to get unique moments of two people and reveal the beauty of their relationship.
The City of Lights and romance is giving me this opportunity and I can offer each couple a unique and unforgettable experience in Paris.


When you think to come to Paris to propose the person you love, or have the wedding party, or why not, to celebrate your anniversary, or make a trip with your family, of course you want to have a professional photo session.
You have to think pretty much at this and make a lot of plans. You have to think about how long will take the photo shooting, about the logistics, to choose locations, and make research to figure out whether there are certain events in the locations chosen by you. But then you think that there are many things to do and you can’t do them right and it is best to contact a professional photographer who will do these things for you.
You’ll have just to prepare only the things that are about you and your partner… (Do not forget the ring).

Take the time necessary to choose the best photographer that suits your requirements.
I usually keep in touch with the people and couples are going to have a photo session with me as their photographer and I always ask them if they want anything special or if they have preferences.
Any couple or family wants a photographer in Paris that empathizes with them. I am such a person and I put the wishes to all those who have me as their photographer in the first place. I listen to their ideas and improve them where necessary. It is common for couples to request photos of the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but new places are always welcome and can make experience in Paris memorable.
Your photographer in Paris has a big influence on the photo shooting and can make your album to be a cliche or why not an amazing one. Therefore choosing the right photographer is very important and takes some time.

paris photographer154

Depending on the purpose of your visit to Paris, you can have some more types of photo shootings:
-Proposal photo sessions
-Engagement photo sessions
-Paris photo session
-Wedding photo album
-Family photo album
-Honeymoon photo session
So if you’re with family or friends to visit Paris, or you are thinking to make a surprise the person you love and propose her, then for each of these events you can choose to have a professional photo session.


As you know, Paris, the city of lights, is the most romantic city in the world, the city of love and romance, a city that everyone visits it wants to spend as much time or to return soon.
So the best memory that a person can have in this wonderful city is the marriage proposal. It is a wonderful moment where lovers declare their vows for a lifetime. Each of us would want that these moments to be immortalized and that is why a photographer is needed in such times. You can do yourself some photos or take some friends with you to help you with the photo session, but you will not be sure that everything will be perfect. The best choice to do is to hire a professional proposal photographer in Paris.
And if everything is unpredictable, then you can simply find all my contact information on the site, contact me and wait for a quick answer if I am free, because I care about my clients and put their desires in the first place.

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What is most romantic place in the world to spend your honeymoon than Paris? Love is in the air everywhere you go and you want to capture the first moments with the person you have chosen to accompany you on your way through life. This is why you definitely must choose a professional honeymoon photographer in Paris which will take care to capture all the details while you and your partner give wings to your feelings and see nothing than love in the eyes of the person that you just married, enjoying a glass of fine wine and a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.
You can choose some of the best views of Paris to get a unique photo shooting, but you need to select some of the most important places because you surely will not have so much time. You can ask your photographer which are the places that can’t be missed.


If you wanted to have your wedding to be organized in a particular place, in a garden or in a specific restaurant, having nearby the Eiffel Tower, then Paris is the perfect city.
For those who love the luxurious, impressive locations, with views of the Eiffel Tower, then you can choose as wedding location the great restaurants in the center of Paris.
Depending on each couple’s personality and budget, there are perfect locations for each wedding.

paris photographer122
Every couple wants to have the perfect wedding in Paris. For the success of this event, all the details must be well thought and everything has to look perfect.
The photographer participating at this event has a very important role. Thanks to him, the wedding may look like a success or a failure in your wedding album.
Therefore, you must choose a very good Paris wedding photographer in Paris for your wedding party. He will be then responsible for how the wedding ceremony will be, and then how the photos will be taken will be a stress less for you during your big day.

paris photographer190
Capturing decor elements is very important because it will create a very pleasant memory for the future, because due to emotions during the great event, not everyone will focus on arrangements and decor that made your wedding party to be a dream one.

paris photographer196


The most beautiful and most precious moments are those spent with family. Deep in the heart, each of us is still a child and still enjoys the smallest gestures of love made by loved ones.

paris photo-035
It is important to capture moments of sincere love and gratitude of parents’ to fragile beings that grow near them.
As a professional family photographer in Paris, it is not hard for me to capture moments of exquisite tenderness and love in a family.
Children are “true toys” and I work with very easily with them, and their photos are really amazing.
It is a pleasure to work with families who come to Paris and want to me to be their photographer.

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It is always a good opportunity to make a professional photo session in Paris. Whether you come to visit Paris with friends or family, good and unforgettable memories are welcome.
If you wish to remind how beautiful your wedding in Paris was, and you want to spend the anniversary of some years since this beautiful event spent in the same place, Paris, then think before arriving in Paris to hire a professional photographer who will help you writing some history files for you and your spouse.
Family events must not be missed either, if you want to be unique. Your child’s anniversary, or why not his baptism are some moments that deserve to be in your album.

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This page is not about me, it is about you choosing that your memories to be captured brilliantly by a professional Paris photographer, if you are thinking to hire one in case you are thinking to come to Paris and have a professional photo session.
Make from a usual holiday an amazing one for you and your loved one and then keep the memories safe. It is not hard to take your decision.

Save your MOMENTS in Paris.

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