Sivonnia and EduardoCalifornia lovers

Elopement in august could be very nice in Paris, warm sun and light and beauty of this city is the perfect combination in our opinion, we live in Paris so we really know it and to tell you a secret, Paris looks better in the summer!
Sivonnia and Eduardo come to city of love from California, to see this incredible place, and to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in this city of love! And, of course like you would guess they chosen us to make some beautiful memories for them and we take that responsibility and you will see after those words what we succeeded to do.
Obviously we started to shoot at the tower, in the morning, to have clean shots, with no other people inside of our photographies, and it was very good because of the light we had in the morning, being photographers in Paris from other people from outside of it learned us that we have to take them in the best spots that this city offers to us.
After the Eiffel tower we get into the streets, we walked together and we put in value the parts that looked interesting for our project, after that Louvre Museum was the next “station” to complete our photo session with Sivonnia and Eduardo.
They chosen to be elegant, to look classy and she had a beautiful dress who really put her in value and him, chosen a nice suit and you will see down there how they looked!

Paris_0Paris_1Paris_2Paris_3Paris_4Paris_5Paris_6This is my favorite shot of the session, the emotions and the way they look to each other and the gorgeous background.

Paris_8Paris_9Paris_10Paris_11The way she look is very beautiful and natural.

Paris_14Paris_15Paris_16Paris_17Paris_18Paris_19Paris_20Paris_21This is the most elegant photo of the session, the posing and those stairs looks really gorgeous.


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