Some ideas for spending honeymoon in Paris

wedding_55Maybe from certain reasons, you couldn’t organize your wedding party in Paris: you wanted that all your friends to be close to you in your dream day, and you had to choose another location or place, or you wanted to organize your wedding ceremony on the beach, let’s say; reasons could be various. There still are a lot of moments when you can go to Paris.

Let’s think about honeymoon: it is the perfect moment when you and your life partner can go to a trip to Paris; you can take with you some close friends and you can know for sure that you will have a lot of fun.  You also can choose a Paris photographer that can surprise all these moments for you.

There are many things you can do to Paris during your honeymoon holiday. There are plenty of things to do: you don’t have to think about luxury apartments, or expensive shopping; think more about museums, gardens, and palaces. As a professional photographer, I travelled a lot in Paris, and I can recommend you many gorgeous places to visit, and I can join you for a photo session. You will have then the best photos and memories over the years.

No matter the season, Paris, the city of lights and love is always a very welcoming and pleasant place to visit. Famous places, like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum are a must, when you go in Paris, but there are places full of history for your free time. Let’s just remember the Hotel Meurice, bar 228, a bar228place where you can have a good beverage while preparing for the next place to visit. The atmosphere there is very pleasant and I recommend you not to miss it if you come to Paris for the honeymoon. I can take some nice photos of you there.

As a photographer with vision, I recommend you to visit the Versaiiles Palace, and the surrounding gardens. If you see those places, you just don’t want to leave from there. Don’t miss the Orsay Museum, if you love art, especially Frech art.

During your journey, you have to visit all the gardens that Paris holds, and there are a lot, you need to have a long honeymoon to see all the art that Paris has to show you. I can also make art of my photos, every time I collaborate with nice people. I can make beautiful photo shooting for your honeymoon, and I am very happy any time when couples tell me that I did a good job.

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