The experience of being a photographer in Paris

When you talk about Paris, there are many subjects that you can discuss about: the landscapes, the way of living, the architecture, how people are thinking and relating with others in society. In Paris, everything is special, even the smile of a woman.

Paris is a very well located city in France, almost in the center area, over the Seine River, and everywhere you go, you can see history. Different architectural styles, combined, make the city unique among all the cities in the world.

CLP_6456Paris is also an expensive city if you want to live there, too. It is the fifth city in the world for luxury housing, just info if you want to move there. But if your passion for art, culture and history is big, and you want to “taste it” every day, it worth every decision you make.

For me, from the perspective of a professional photographer all I can say is that Paris is a very beautiful city and I love living here. I feel proud that I often have the occasion to go to the Louvre Museum, the most visited museum in the world, and I can share my experiences there with the couples I collaborate.

I love my work because I can discover new things every day. The Eiffel Tower amazes me every time with its architectural ingenuity its imposing height. I always do my best and I make the best photo shootings because I love my work and The Eiffel Tower is a place that inspires me, and the people that trust me give me confidence.

I also love the French cuisine, one of the most refined in the world, and after a log day of work I like to enjoy fine wine and French specialties. I recommend French cuisine to all the couples I work with.

I work all the time with various types of people and I am their guide in this big city. I like making people laugh and make them have fun with me. For this reason I am good company for all the people I collaborate. I made a lot of friends from all around the world in this way. I can say that the couples I work with become my friends.

There are many great things of being a photographer in Paris. There are also many funny things that I share with my clients, but there will be another time for this story.

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