The joy of discovering real wonders of nature- Marc-Grégor Photographer

I am presenting now a really passionate photographer, Marc-Grégor, a French photographer based in the area of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He loves to travel all around the world for amazing new experiences and he creates gorgeous stories when taking photos in the natural environment.

No effects are needed when a photo is taken by such a talented photographer. He loves beautiful and natural colors, he always finds the perfect angle for a photo and creates art from a simple landscape.


There is no wonder that he had been rewarded by Encyclopedia Britanica or National Geographic for his amazing work.  He sees simple people and wild life the perfect subjects for creating his art works.

Marc-Grégor is a very friendly person and he always likes to help. Many other photographers are very thankful because his pieces of advice helped them to become better every day:

“[…]Marc-Grégor has encouraged me in many ways on how to become a better photographer. His friendly critique of my own photos has taught me a great deal about how to see and create better compositions. […]”.


Passion and dedication makes a photographer become better and better. Marc-Grégor, Michigan professional photographer finds nature a very good source for creating amazing stories and capturing really good landscapes. He always looks around for details and unique aspects of life and then finds the perfect way to capture the real beauty of the world.

You don’t need a very professional camera when you are talented. With skill and imagination, you can take really amazing photos. That is what Marc-Grégor believes, and as you can see, his work is of high quality and impresses every eye that watches it.


I, Ciprian, professional Paris photographer recommend his artistic work and I believe that he is a great photographer and his photos are amazing.