Why is Paris called the city of Love and Romance? The opinion of a Paris photographer

Everyone heard about the fact that Paris is the City of love and Romance, and every couple wants to go at least once in a lifetime to visit the city and the beautiful museums that are hosted there. The Eiffel Tower is also a symbol of love and many women dream to have the engagement in Paris there.

Sunse in Paris

But many people wonder why Paris also has the “nickname”: City of Love. Here are some reasons because Paris is the symbol of love:

  1. The Eiffel Tower. Every couple that arrives in Paris wants to come to the Eiffel Tower. There are thousands of marriage proposals every year made at the Eiffel Tower. The 20,000 lights twinkle for 5 minutes on the hour, every hour that makes it so romantic, the location in the heart of the city, the impressive view of the city from the top of the Tower, every element composes a unique element that makes the city the most wonderful city in the world. It is also known that in Paris are so many good professional photographers that can capture all these gorgeous landscapes. If you come to Paris at the Eiffel Tower, it is a must have a professional photo session with the best photographer in Paris.Paris Eiffel Tower
  2. The lights that are maintaining alive the city every night. After sunset, the city of love is still alive thanks to obscure lights that all together illuminate all the alleys full of lovers. The boats over Seine are also full of lovers during sunset and after, that enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and on some boats they can also have a romantic dinner. As a professional Paris photographer, I really enjoy the nature and the city during the night. It looks like a secret place, waiting to be discovered and the photos taken during the sunset are gorgeous.Paris Lights
  3. The French food and wine: The French cuisine is well known all around the world, for its refined taste, that arrives just to anyone’s heart. France is a paradise for anyone that likes good food and values refined tastes. A well known French cookie all around the world is macaroon, that little meringue that can be found in all the possible colors. I really love French cuisine and I enjoy it every time I can.Paris food
  4. Because of the word “I love you”. I don’t know if you really knew, but the word “I love you” is written in 311 different languages in Paris on “Mur de je t’aime” (Wall of I love you) on the Hill of Montmartre, the highest natural elevation in Paris. You can also say “I love you” and have a romantic photo session in Paris there. It is the perfect place for the couples that love each other more and more every day, and say “I love you” for a thousands times a day. You can have a walk on your way there because the streets are narrow and everything is romantic.Mariage_71

Every moment is perfect for a romantic photo session with a professional photographer that loves beautiful people and landscapes, that can make your journey in Paris to become perfect.

If you arrived at the end of this article, it means that you liked it. I hope that you will choose the best Paris photographer for a romantic photo session or a proposal photo session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower.