The Most Beautiful Locations In Paris for Photography

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Despite the destruction of much of Paris during the second world war, in its reconstruction it managed to keep the beauty of it is Renaissance based architecture and much of its natural beauty, making it a photographer’s dream.

Perhaps the most iconic piece of French architecture is the Eiffel tower, though perhaps unsurprisingly despised by the French people, its beauty can not be denied towering over much of the more subtle classic French buildings. For any photographer there are two essential spots when attempting to catch the Eiffel towers rustic beauty, these being the Trocadero and Champ de Mars. The Trocadero is one of the most popular tourist spots for photography managing to capture the Eiffel towers form with the pavement in the foreground and the sunset in the background, allowing for a stunning look of a piece of Paris. Champ De Mars is slightly less known than the Trocadero, but does not lack its beauty it is at the opposite end of the Trocadero and is the park that leads up to the Eiffel tower, it is important to remember it is probably best to get to the park earlier to avoid transmitters and tourists.

Another iconic location that is a photographer’s dream is the Arc de Triomphe, though set in the centre of Paris`s busiest traffic spots, if you can take the risk and walk up the narrow pedestrian island of Champs Elysee, then you will find a beautiful angle, with traffic whizzing past your camera. It is probably best to try get a photo during golden hour of sunset or sunrise, with the golden beams breaking through Arc de Triomphe`s beautiful arches.

Though these are the best spots for famous locations of Paris, but it is important to remember the plain natural beauty of Paris. If you take a photo of any random street it is quite likely you will find a piece of beauty.

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