Which Phones Are Best for Photography 2020

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If you’re ready for a phone upgrade but don’t know which the best option is to go for, there are a lot of amazing new models that are bound to have a feature you’re interested in. For example, most phone companies have tried in their recent model releases to produce a phone that has an amazing camera. Some examples of phone models that have succeeded in this and are the best for photography in 2020 are:

Huawei P40 Pro

This recently released phone has, it seems, followed the theme of Huawei phones in having unbeatable, high-quality cameras. Having been best known for being able to achieve a 50x zoom, whilst also maintaining a super high resolution, it was important for Huawei to keep this feature in the new model, which they have been able to do.

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple’s most recent phone release in 2019 has certainly impressed users with its rear triple-camera system. One of these three lenses has a 120-degree field of view, making it perfect for picturing landscapes and city scenes, whilst another lens has the ability to let in 40% more light, making images taken in the evening or night-time far better and more detailed. Due to all the new features, this phone has, especially for the camera, it comes in at quite a steep price. However, if it is this model that you’re interested in there are sites where you can find a refurbished iPhone with a 12-month warranty.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

This new 2020 release, is quickly becoming known for its advanced camera features. One of the most notable of these features is its ability to zoom up to 100x, doubling that of the Huawei. This phone similarly to the iPhone also can let in more light, allowing you to take much higher quality night-time pictures.

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