7 Tips for Better Watch Photography

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Nowadays, technology can pretty much do anything. Much like the film Spy Kids predicted all those years ago, even our watches have now become inconceivably high-tech. Watches can now detect your heart rate, receive texts and even take photos. If you’re wanting to get the most out of your watches camera, here are 7 tips to improve your watch photography.


An important aspect of any type of photography, it’s important to play around with perspectives when trying to capture the perfect image.


If you’re taking photos on your watch, it’s important you get familiar with where the camera is located so you’re not accidentally taking a photo of your wrist.

The Right Watch Camera

Your photos will only be as good as the camera on your watch allows them to be. If you’re looking for an idea of some of the best watches in the photography game, check out these vietnamese watches for some great examples. You can find plenty of great looking watches for affordable prices.


It’s important to make sure your photos aren’t over or underexposed otherwise your photos could end up looking far more amateurish than you were intending.


Popular with Instagram, filters are a great way to improve a lot of photos, whether black and white or whether you prefer more colorized filters, there are an endless amount for you to choose from to create the perfect photo.

Know Your Subject

A useful way to improve your photography is by deciding on what you’re wanting to capture, different types of photography require different settings and perspectives. What you need for a portrait shot may be different for a shot of nature.


The final and probably most important tip you can receive for improving your watch photography, like any other skill, is practice. You’ll find yourself improving after every picture and you may even end up developing your own recognisable style.

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