The 4 Most Successful Photographers in Europe

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So you’ve just won the cash prize in the xsmn lottery and you’re looking for a way to splash your cash? What could be a better way to spend your money than finally Investing in a camera and starting your photography journey.  Before you start your journey you should appreciate some of the most successful photographers to gain a little inspiration.

Marcello Bonfanti

Marcello Bonfanti is an Italian photographer who became really well known during the Ebola pandemic for his black and white portraits of those that were affected by the virus. He’s a really good example of how to utilise light sources and has produced some really astonishing work. So this is someone you should really look at if you want a good source of inspiration.

Dasha Matrosova

Dasha Matrosova is a Russian photographer that works heavily with nature. He forms versions of modern technology using vines and flowers as a commentary on global warming and environmental issues. He is a great example of how using props can make a picture really stand out. He is also a good example of how you can really spread some important messages through the use of media platforms.

Nenad Saljic

Nenad Saljic is a photographer from Croatia that is known for their landscape photography. He doesn’t just take simplistic landscape images, he plays with colour saturation and after-effects that can really transform a simplistic image into something really fantastic and modern.

Alva Bernadine

Alva Bernadine is a photographer from England who really made steps in the use of nature in photography by integrating dead butterflies with a human canvas. He is really the best example of taking photography to the extreme as the models voluntarily pierced their skin so that the butterflies looked as though they were floating.

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