Capturing Life: Breaking Into Still Life Photography

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Arguably there is nothing more beautiful than capturing a moment in time. If you’re someone that is into photography, you will be more than aware of how praised still life photographers are around the world, as it takes a certain degree of patience and skill to be able to catch the essence of a moment and publish it into the world. Though it may sound simple, still life photography is a bit more than just taking candid pictures and hoping that they will get praised due to their uniqueness, as more often than not, your run of the mill still like photo will just be ignored. To really catch someone’s attention there are a number of things you can do to produce some really interesting pictures, here is how to break into still life photography.


Acquire interesting props

The props that you use in your pictures are obviously going to be the image’s main focus, because of this you want to make sure that you are using something that really stands out. This can be something beautiful or something quirky. You’re not likely to find props that meet your needs in local shops and so it is important to look a little further to find objects that you can use. One of the best places you can find these props is in nature, go on walks and keep an eye out on the floor as you may stumble across something that inspires your next big project. Travel to different locations such as beaches and woods to really acquire a variety as this will only make your pieces more unique. We also recommend visiting a local charity shop, as these always have funky little trinkets and stand out pieces that would be great to use in your pictures. Also, tell some of your friends that you are looking for new props as they may come across something great you can use.


Put the extra effort in

A lot of still life image photographers choose to use people in their work as well as any object that they want to be the focal point. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you put the effort in to make sure everything is cohesive and looks good together, this means that you should make sure that your model fits the piece. This can be done in several ways. Firstly it is important to pick out the right outfit for your model, because if the clothing they are wearing clashes with colors or other elements of your piece then the entire project could seem a bit off. You should also focus on other little details like makeup and hair. Adding splashes of color to the face of your model can really bring everything together and help with cohesion. You could also use private label products for hair from goodvara to style your model’s hair as you will want to ensure any stylings that you make stay in place for continuity sakes, so using quality products can really help with this.


Get a good quality camera

This can really be applied to all forms of photography as having a good quality camera will just make your image seem more aesthetically pleasing. Not only this, but the level of detail that you are able to capture will increase through the use of a quality camera, meaning that your pieces are more likely to get attention. Having a low-quality camera can make your pictures appear blurry and unclear, which is what you really want to avoid in this industry.

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