The 4 Biggest Names in Nature Photography

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Nature Photography is an often ignored art-form. Yet it is one of the most important schools of photography. It has allowed us to capture some of nature’s most intimate and unusual moments forever. And without the extremely skilled people behind the camera, we would have lost these moments to time. But who are these photographers? Well here are the 4 Biggest Names in Nature Photography.


Philip Hyde

Born in 1921, Philip Hyde is one of the first nature photographers to make use of our more modern technologies, and he is one of the most significant. Instrumental in protecting southwestern landscapes, his work has moved hearts and changed political minds due to its sheer brilliance. He sadly passed in 2006, but his work will live on forever.


David Muench

One of the most famous landscape photographers ever, David Muench is a common name among photography enthusiasts. He started with black and white shots of nature but soon became known as the master of color. His keen eye for detail meant he knew the best location for his shots. Always making sure the foreground could draw you in and lead you to the incredible view behind. His work is everywhere. Chances are you have seen his work countless times without even realizing it.


David Attenborough

One of the most famous men on the planet. David Attenborough is known for his environmental work and his smooth voice. But it is lesser known that he dabbles in nature photography as well as documentary. And due to his experience and knowledge, he has captures some of the most incredible moments of nature ever. It was recently revealed that he paired with to spread awareness of the importance of nature photography in the battle against climate change. If you haven’t seen his photos before, I suggest you treat yourself to a view. You won’t be disappointed.


Arthur Morris

Arthur Morris is more of a specialized nature photographer, but also one of the most well known and imitated. He made his name by photographing birds. But he put such a unique flair on it and managed to capture them at their most intimate. This mix of grace and technical form soon elevated him to a position of renown within the photography world. To this day he still captures some of the most stunning bird photos ever seen.




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