Working In Photography: How to Make it as a Wedding Photographer

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Working as a private wedding photographer is a huge commitment that goes much further than just being there to take pictures, when you are so involved in a clients special day there are many things to consider to ensure you come across as a professional individual. If you are someone who is looking to turn a passion for photography into a well-paid career then there are multiple things you should ensure you work on prior to your first paid job.



Being totally organized is key for any business, if you are lacking in organization you risk coming across as though you don’t know what you are doing and reduce the chances of being booked for a job again. It may be useful for you to invest in some form of a filing system or address book so you can properly store important documents and any contacts you may have. Another risk that comes with being unorganized is not knowing where to find items essential to your work, you should also be making sure that all of your camera equipment is properly looked after and kept tidy, this helps make sure you are prepared for your job and that you know where everything that you need is stored.



When it comes to professional standard photography it is not enough to be reliant on natural sources of light in order to be able to get the perfect picture. Every wedding photographer should be aware of situations where extra lighting will be required to improve photo quality and create different atmospheres within each set of photos. It may be expensive when you are starting out within this industry but I’m afraid it is an essential item if you wish to be taken seriously and get the most bookings. It is likely that your client will want photos taken throughout the whole day, it is your responsibility as the wedding photographer to ensure that every opportunity for a nice picture is taken and that the lighting is also appropriate.



Much like how the lighting must be tailored to each photo’s specific situation, it is also the responsibility of the wedding photographer to use different backgrounds where necessary. In order to portray yourself as a true professional, you should be creative enough to come up with perfect backgrounds to really enhance the picture. You need to be able to make a decision between setting up a staged backdrop for people to stand in front of or just use the natural background depending on your environment. There is a level of trust between the photographer and their client and it is likely that your clients are going to be relying on you to set up certain shots to commemorate their big day. It is important that you are well versed in which backgrounds are best and that you are able to put together an amazing set of photographs.


Special Offers

One way that a wedding photographer can really push their business and make a successful living from their job is to offer a package deal where you help with other aspects of the wedding. This is a great way to not only make more money but to also expand your business into something bigger. Photography requires a lot of creativity in order to be able to do the job well so offering services like doing wedding invitations or decorations can be a way to branch out into new things whilst bringing in more revenue. However, I would recommend that you take something like this slowly as there can be some challenging tasks and questions ahead like when should you send out wedding invitations, and taking into account the client’s decorative preferences. If you were to consider offering extra services I would say that you would be better off ensuring that you are totally comfortable with the industry before making any big decisions.


Customer Service

Like any business photography relies upon expert communication and brilliant customer service, you need to be able to communicate well with the guests and appear as though you belong in the situation. Just because you are only the wedding photographer you should also try your best to be friendly and to make people comfortable whilst their photo is being taken. Nobody wants an awkward presence at their wedding so you should try your best to mingle and interact well with the guests, this is something that will come with experience and will definitely improve as you attend more and more jobs in the future. Customer service is vital to ensuring you maintain a professional approach and is something that is likely to increase the chances of further business from your clients, which helps to secure your business’s future and its success.



Photography is a very technical profession to get into, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes all in the effort of getting a gorgeous photograph. Every professional standard photographer should be able to set up their kit to a good standard and with little interference to the event. The basics of what you will require include a high-quality camera, tripod, lighting system, selection of backgrounds and props, and decent editing software to touch up the pictures where necessary. As previously mentioned it is vital that your photography kit is packed up in a tidy and organized way to ensure that you can quickly leave for an event knowing that you have everything you need and that it can be set up easily with no intrusion on the event that you are working at.

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