How To Get Started as a Bar Mitzvah Photographer

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A Bar Mitzvah is one of the most important days of a young man’s life. He steps into the spotlight and demonstrates his understanding of the Torah and his community. He makes the transition from boy to man in front of all his family and friends. It is a daunting experience. And it is a fulfilling and loving experience. Because after the ceremony there is often a huge party.

Anyone who has attended a Bar Mitzvah knows they are an exciting and joyous occasion. Filled with laughter, revelry, and tender moment between family. They bring people together and let them express their familial love for one another.

They are also one of the most lucrative events to work at if you are a photographer. Second perhaps only to red-carpet events and weddings. But how do you get started as a Bar Mitzvah photographer? And what differences do you need to be aware of?



A big part of working any event as a photographer is understanding how these events function inside and out. You need to be aware of what moments are critically important and which aren’t. That way you can be prepared to get the best shots when the action is happening. No one wants you to completely miss the Torah reading but capture hundreds of pictures of people arriving.

So before you start working Bar Mitzvah, spend some time learning about the events, and the cultural heritage of the Jewish faith as well. Play spin the dreidelĀ and read literature around the subject. Talk to members of the Jewish Faith and gain a stronger understanding of their culture and Bar Mitzvahs.


Make Connections

The big thing about the Jewish community is how much they communicate with each other. In any community, members of the Jewish Faith will often all attend the Bar Mitzvah of other members. This means there is a lot of shared communication about the events, and lots of shared tips when it comes to hiring staff for the event.

To that end, you will want to start making connections. Word of mouth is the best advertising tool you have at your disposal for this line of work. So start meeting members of the community and making yourself known. Let them know you are informed and reliable and you stand a better chance of securing more work.

It never hurts to try to meet some other professionals that work Bar Mitzvahs frequently. DJs, bands, magicians, or catering companies. If you get on friendly terms with these people they are likely to recommend you to potential clients.


Quality Equipment

Unlike Weddings or other events, a Bar Mitzvah is a once in a lifetime event for the young man involved. There is no redo. So the families want it to be captured and remember perfectly. So you need to make sure you can guarantee them you will provide the best service it’s possible to get.

You want to make sure your equipment is top of the line. The photo quality needs to be outstanding and your photography skills need to be refined. Spending a lot of time on your portfolio is a good idea as well to make sure you can prove to potential clients you are the right person for the job.


We hope this has been helpful. Working as a Bar Mitzvah photographer is a lucrative and rewarding experience. There is no greater pleasure than watching as a young man fully joins his community and seeing the pride on his face as he becomes a man.


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