Why Lisbon has Become a Photography Hotspot

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If you are a photographer, then the last year has probably been especially hard on you. As a photographer, it is in your nature to want to look for new sources of inspiration and brand new scenes that you can photograph. As we haven’t really been able to travel for the last year, you may have found yourself in somewhat of a creative rut as you have probably only been able to photograph in the same places, which can get quite tedious after a while.


Now that we are allowed to head out and enjoy the world again, as a photographer you are probably excited to get out there and dust off the old camera lens. With the whole world at your disposal, it can be difficult to choose where to go and it can be even more difficult to figure out where will be the best location to get the best snapshots on your camera. If you have stumbled across this article then you may be looking for advice and the advice that we can offer you is to go to Lisbon. Millions of aspiring and professional photographers are traveling to Lisbon this year to take amazing photographs, but why exactly has Lisbon become such a photography Hotspot?


It is a beautiful country

Something that nobody can deny is that Lisbon is a beautiful country.  Located in Portugal, Lisbon gets plenty of sun which means that an array of plants are able to easily thrive in the climate. The vast nature located within Lisbon makes it extremely beautiful and those that travel via plane over the location have said you can see the floral landscapes that it has to offer for miles.


As soon as you step off the plane in Lisbon, you are instantly exposed to towering hills and plenty of organically occurring nature. If you are a photographer, then you may have a hard time actually seeing the place as you will have to stop every couple of seconds in order to capture the beauty of the location on your camera. All that you need to do is travel a few feet and you will be taken back by just how wonderful the place looks. If you are someone that doesn’t necessarily live in the most aesthetically pleasing place, then this will be a refreshing break from your usual scenery and may even inspire your next photography project.


Historic buildings

If you are a photographer that loves capturing modern moments in history, then Lisbon is a great location due to just how many historical landmarks still exist. You don’t even need to travel far before you encounter a piece of history and there are many transport links that take you straight to historical locations and if you are someone that wants to drive around and explore by yourself, this company offers motorcycle rental in Lisbon which you can use to travel straight to some of the most amazing locations.


One of the most popular destinations for photographers located within Lisbon is the Torre de Belem. What makes this location such a well-photographed part of Lisbon is the fact that when the tides lower, the castle rises out of the Tagus River.  If you catch this happening at the right moment, you can get a brilliant photograph of the scene which means that you can enjoy the design plans of ancient architects. When the tide is up, you can still access the building by going over a bridge. From this bridge, you can get a beautiful view of the ocean and on top of that you can also get a view of the interior of Torre de Belem, so you can really look at the work that has been put into it and how it has held up over time.


Modern Art

As well as having a lot of historical buildings and architecture that you can take pictures of, you can also photograph some more modern art. Lisbon is well known for having a lot of urban street artists that do a lot of graffiti and make statues that just have to be captured.  This can make for some excellent photography, which means that it would be silly not to check it out for yourself.

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