The Best Destinations to Capture Pictures of Beautiful Landscapes

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The Best Destinations to Capture Pictures of Beautiful Landscapes

As a photographer, it is likely that you are constantly looking for inspiration for your next photography project. A beautiful thing that many photographers can do, is photograph one location a million different ways, all with their own perspective and story to tell.

In the last year, there have been travelling restrictions all over the world. This means that as a photographer, you have been limited to your local area of inspiration. Every good photographer can perceive a location in a million different ways, but there are only so many times that you can photograph a space before you start to feel a little less inspired.

If you have been feeling the brunt of this loss of inspiration, then you will be glad to know that travel restrictions have started to ease up. This means that you can finally jet off and find other sources of inspiration for your photography in any location around the world.

Of course, some places are still cut off from the world at the moment, so you may be wondering where you can go. There are plenty of places that are open to the world and some of them have absolutely beautiful landscapes that need to be photographed. Here are some of the best destinations to capture pictures of beautiful landscapes.

Chile- The Valley of the Moon

This landscape can only be described in one way and that is surreal. The Valley of the Moon has earned its name due to its resemblance with the craters of the moon and the way in which the moon sets behind the mountains at night.

This landscape is just absolutely beautiful and it can be photographed at essentially any angle and still look amazing. This location is an example of natural processes creating beautiful appearances, as the lunar craters that have earned the location its name was actually caused by harsh waters and heavy winds.

Every time the sun rises, the landscape is filled with beautiful orange and purple colors and it feels as though a new aspect of the location is revealed. There are dozens of hidden caverns and caves that occasionally catch the light and stand out very clearly, which means that you can stand at one point throughout the day and create beautiful photography at any given hour.


I find it near impossible to pinpoint just one place in this country, as there are so many extraordinary places that you can visit. The whole island of Jamaica is incredibly beautiful, and it is surrounded by brilliant white beaches and even more exciting deep blue waters.

Something that a photographer portfolio could never have too much of is brilliant beach pictures.

My husband is a photographer and when we were planning our honeymoon a few years ago, we did it with brilliant photography in mind. We wanted to be able to capture memories that could last a lifetime and we wanted these photographs to have a brilliant background. We wanted our honeymoon pictures to be candid and so every picture had to appear natural, which made a beautiful location a must-have. We were dead set on visiting a sandals resort and so it only made sense that we picked a sandals honeymoon resort in Jamaica, as this had the most beautiful natural scenery that I just had to make the most of when I had the opportunity to.

We managed to do a beautiful beach shoot which was just absolutely unforgettable and so if you are someone that is eager to find a place with plenty of photography opportunities, you definitely need to take a trip to Jamaica.

New York City

For some people, photographing natural landscapes and scenery just isn’t their thing. Every photographer has their own area of expertise and if you are someone that enjoys capturing life and the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, then you just have to visit New York.

New York is one of those places that you have to visit at one point in your life and it is certainly a fantastic place to capture some great landscape photography. It is not likely that you will run into any natural landscape to photograph, but instead, you can celebrate the work that has been created by man.

The New York skyline is one of the most famous skylines in the world and it has been photographed in a million and one unique ways. As I stated previously, photographers have this magical ability to take something that may have been photographed a million times, but yet create their own unique vision of how that landscape may look. The New York skyline is something that all photographers should try and put their spin on at one point or another, as camera technology has completely reinvented the way in which you can capture the appearance of the skyline, so why not give it a go yourself?

As well as being able to capture the New York skyline, due to all of the accessible skyscrapers that you can enter, you can also capture a lot of brilliant pictures of some of New York’s most well-known tourist locations. For example, you can capture a brilliant picture of the Empire state building, or you can get a bird’s eye picture of what Central Park looks like throughout the different seasons of the year.

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