Music Genres Proven To Improve Your Creativity When Taking Pictures

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Music Genres Proven To Improve Your Creativity When Taking Pictures

If you are a photographer, it is likely that at one point or another you have hit a creative wall. People tend to relate creative blocks with writing and songwriting, but they seem to forget that photographers can also be hit by a creative block.

If you are someone that photographs a specific type of subject, then you may feel as though you have overused it and you no longer have any inspiration. Luckily, inspiration can be found in a lot of different ways. You can be inspired by your surroundings, literature, and other forms of creativity.

A really popular way that photographers find inspiration for their pictures is by listening to music. A lot of photographers that find themselves in creative ruts state that listening to music always helps them escape this rut and different genres tend to give them different energy and allow them to explore their art in a new way.

If you are someone that has been stuck in a rut for a while, you may be looking for a brand new way to enhance your photography. Here is a look into the different music genres that have been proven to improve your creativity when you are taking pictures.


For decades now, when people have found themselves in a poor creative position they have reached out to jazz. Jazz was one of the first genres of music that was marketed to the world and people all over the world have been absolutely taken by this genre.

There is something about Jazz that really gets the creative juices flowing and there are a few reasons why this could be the case. First of all, the composition of jazz songs is usually very crazy and very interesting. Jazz gets your heart beating really fast and this can really inspire you to get on your feet and start taking pictures.

Jazz also feels as though it can transform you into a completely different headspace, which is just what you need sometimes to be able to really explore your creativity.


House has been around since the late 80s and it was said to have created a whole generation of ravers. People that listen to the house tend to associate it with a feeling of euphoria and they say that it takes you to a completely different place.

House has really evolved in the last few years and thanks to the improvement of production technology that we have access to. If you are someone that has never really listened to the house before, then something that you can do is check out some of the house playlists that you can find on Spotify. A lot of these playlists include the top house songs for 2022 and you can give them a listen and see if they offer any sort of inspiration for you.

Classic Rock

You may be surprised to see the classic rock on this list, but classic rock is actually a great genre for getting inspiration for your music. Something that you have to remember is that a lot of classic rock songs have incredibly emotional lyrics.

Even if a song seems like it is very fast-paced, in reality, it is likely very emotional. That makes it very similar to photography, as when someone is taking a picture they really need to connect with their emotions. Sometimes listening to songs with sad topics can really help you connect with your emotions and this can inspire you to put these emotions into the picture that you are taking. Plus, who doesn’t love a fantastic classic rock ballad?

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