If I wish to book a photoshoot in Paris then how many days in advance should I book it?

A photoshoot booking with us should be done at a week in advance. This will ensure that you get the preferred photographer, the favored time and the chosen date for your photoshoot. If it is a last-minute booking then we can make a booking 48 hours before the day or your photoshoot.

What if it starts to rain on our photoshoot day?

Our professional photographers can capture the best pictures for you. However, what they cannot control is the weather in Paris on the day of your photoshoot. However, that should not deter your plans for booking a session with us. Check our gallery and you will see some of the rare and award-winning photos in Paris that we have clicked in the rains. Rains can help to draw an expressive and emotional connection in the pictures that will make your images look real.

How many hours should we set aside for the photoshoot?

Though we have some standard photoshoot packages, we can also customize the photo sessions based on our client’s requirements. Your budget, energy, and the time that you have is a major deciding factor on the number of hours that you can set aside for us. However, our most popular packages are the two hours of sunrise and two hours of sunset package. We have done 30 minutes of photo sessions and some of our photo sessions have also lasted over 8 hours. The decision rests completely on you.