What to Expect

Photography in Paris is all about scenic beauties, sophistication, and the famous streets and monuments in the backdrop. If you hire us for your Paris photoshoot then expect to get some stunning and vibrant pictures of you in the City of Love which you would surely like to display when you return home. Our pictures let you remember the best time that you had in this city.

Whether you are looking for casual or fancy photos, romantic photos with a white and black vintage look or a glamorous and colourful photo session in Paris with the main landmarks like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower or Notre dame, we are here to make your wish come true.

Paris has it all and depending on the time, the weather and the location our photographers would suggest the best pictures that you can capture in Paris.

Here is what we do when you hire us to click your photos in Paris. We are the locals of Paris and thus we know the in and out of the city. When taking you on a photographic tour, we select the best spots in the French Capital and let you have a relaxed experience where you get to explore the hidden treasures of this city and also get some candid photographs clicked.

As soon as you book us we communicate the itinerary to you. You are free to make changes if you wish to. If you do not know the locations well then worry not because we know them all.

Apart from the monuments and the famous landmarks, there are hidden alleys, public gardens and some other magnificent sights that set the perfect stage and perfect scenery to click your photos. We also offer guidance on the best poses and the best clothes that you should wear for the photo shoot to make sure that you look flattering.